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From creating a user interface for a mobile application to a UX audit – we have experience in many areas of UI / UX design. The projects implemented so far have made us experts in this field.


Design is all about three simple questions. What, why and who? We build simple and rich user interfaces keeping user experience as a core factor to the design. We visualize and understand your product with the mindset of your users and derive the perfect design and digital experience for your product.


In addition provide several offers for the startup companies to grow their business in online. Because startup companies has lot of budget problem so they skip website development to bring their business online.

Website UI Design

Make sure that your content is delivered at the right time, without long loading, on your user-friendly website. It’s very easy to create an intuitive, responsive and attractive website with us. We will guarantee high quality, and satisfaction not only for your customers but also for your business.

Cross-platform experiences design

A seamless user journey, intuitive and amazing design – such opinions about your application you would surely like to hear. We can guarantee it for you. Modern solutions and approaches, as well as numerous specialists in mobile technologies and more, will take care of every detail of the design of your application.

UI and UX consulting

Are you not sure about the chosen style or the whole design of your application? Need improvements to achieve your business goals and enhance the user experience? You’ve come to the right place! At GBrit, we comprehensively approach consultations, also in the field of UI / UX design.

Mobile App UX Design

A seamless user journey, intuitive and amazing design – such opinions about your application you would surely like to hear. We can guarantee it for you. Modern solutions and approaches, as well as numerous specialists in mobile technologies and more, will take care of every detail of the design of your application.

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Why GBrit

Web and mobile developers, designers and testers are here to make your project unique. We believe that continuous research helps us understand customer’s needs, so we can build products people truly enjoy. Our team thrives in an environment where we can work as partners with our clients.

Progressive Roadmap

We are a result-driven software development company that meticulously comprehends details of the clients project and offers the best-fit technology Solution.

Flexible Engagement Model

With a unique amalgamation of skilled developers and cutting-edge technologies, we enable transparency and scalability at all engagement levels.

Efficient Project Management

We endeavour in project risk minimization and take full responsibility for Scope, schedule ,budget and tieless in regard to your project.

Consistent Delivery

We use a plethora of software development techniques such as Scrum, Scrum ban and Scaled Agile Framework, pending on the requirement of the project.

Create your stunning and responsive Website for your Business with us!

Our UX/UI Design process

Our unique expertise in UI and UX development can assist businesses to tap the extreme potential of designing with our skilled and experienced design professionals. We follow the process which has proper design standards, workflows and guidelines so that you get the product what you need.

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    Information Architecture Design

    Information architecture is a certain structure of websites and software to support the usefulness of the information. Designing information architecture is aimed at enabling users to find the desired content as easily as possible and then use it.

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    With the information structure in place, which will be the template for the interaction of the application, it goes to prototyping. Prototyping is a process that helps understand the application, user flow, and the whole experience. The prototype is a faithful reflection of the target project, contains content, interactions, and animations.

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    A wireframe is an illustration of an interface that focuses specifically on allocating space and prioritizing content, available features, and intended behavior. These guides showing where the main navigation and site content will appear on the page, also help in creating relationships between the various site templates. They usually don’t contain styles, colors, or graphics.

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    User Experience (UX) Development

    Good UX is the key to success and is based on numerous user research. Although UX designers do most of the work in the initial stages of application development, they constantly check that the delivered product meets user requirements. When designing the UX, they follow certain rules that ensure quality, intuitiveness, transparency, seamless navigation and good system reception.

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    User Interface (UI) Development

    The UI design is based on prototypes and all prior agreements. It is about defining the brand of the application in the eyes of users. At this stage, designers create mockups of the application showing the final visual effect, following a set stylistic guide that includes all the elements that are part of the user interface.

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    Prototype Usability Testing

    Good software with exceptional usability and user experience level is created with the presence of testing at all stages of development. The use of an interactive prototype to conduct usability testing is a great opportunity to check functionality, design, UX before coding the final best solution.

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    Product Development

    In this phase, developers bring all projects, created by UI/UX designers, to life. Using selected frameworks, tools and skills, they create a digital product of your dreams.

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