QA & Software Testing

Ensure maximum test coverage and quality of your software application with our software testing services entailing manual as well as automation testing procedures

QA & Software Testing

GBrit’s highly experienced remote delivery teams hit the ground running to help you move your project—and business—forward you where you need to go. Choose experienced specialists and build a remote team that will work for you. At each stage of the project, you can adjust the composition of the team to your requirements. 

Performance Testing

Ensure high application uptime levels and optmial customer experience across all channels with full-cycle performance enginerring and regression testing cycles specifically designed to manage and mitigate the performance risks.

Automation Testing

Harness the power of automation to maximize the test coverage for your software using high-end tools such as Selenium Web driver , Appium, TestNG ,Maven, Macha, Cucumber, etc.

Manual Testing

GBrit provides end-to-end manual testing services for your web and mobile applications by leveraging our foundation of matured test processes,reporting mechanisms and experience in all industry- leading testing tools.

Usability Testing

We use robust usability testing methodologies to improvise web and mobile apps interfaces according to different environments and operating systems. We use robust usability testing methodologies to improvise web and mobile apps interfaces according to different environments and operating systems.

QA Process & Stage

The quality assurance process stages may vary depending on every development team.

Requirements Analysis

First, QA engineers analyze the functional and non-functional website requirements. If needed, they clarify them and make sure they are clear and consistent. This helps the team deliver the expected result and avoid fixes later.

Test Planning

Based on the information gathered during the analysis, QA engineers move on to the planning stage. A comprehensive plan should include the strategy, scope, budget, deadlines, resources, types of testing, required software, bug reporting procedures, and more.

Test Design

Quality assurance engineers design test cases that cover the project requirements. The cases outline the conditions and steps needed to check if the particular feature works properly. If the project includes automation, they also create automation scenarios. They also prepare the testing environment.

Test execution and bug reporting

At this stage, QA engineers execute the created cases or run automated scripts. They list the bugs in the special bug-tracking software or generate automated reports.

Regression testing

When these bugs get fixed or when more related functionality is added, QA engineers perform regression testing to make sure everything works properly and nothing has been affected by the new changes. Later, it should be performed every time new features are added.

Why QA & Testing important

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Eliminate human errors

Eliminate monotonous manual testing efforts that are highly prone to errors with automated test scripts that provide precise and reliable results.

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Achieve faster time to work

Enable constant execution of test cases on multiple devices, browsers and platforms simultaneously, accelerating release velocity.


Test complex Business Logic

Reliably test complex scenarios and business logic seamlessly within a matter of few clicks with our robust software testing services. velocity.


Achieve better QA coverage

Allow test cases to look deep inside the software and access memory contents, data tables, maximizing the depth and scope of QA.


Make application more Robust

Test automation use cases can be used repetitively due to easy configuration of their set up and hence can be used through different approaches.

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Maximize ROI

Reduce time and effort to run repetitive tests from days to hours. A time saving that translates directly into cost-saving.

We can deliver an extensive set of testing services such as

Flexible Business Model

We offer flexible business models to make sure cooperation with us is convenient and efficient for you. Find the cooperation model that is the best match for your project

Independent Software Testing

Our strategic QA testing services level of collaboration with in-house and third-party software to assess the application's quality and deliver insights that improve overall quality of product and substantially increases its endurability

Dedicated QA Outsourcing Team

Our certified team of QA engineers implement standardized testing practices to deliver accurate tests of the software. Our automation testing results will upscale your business, adding a competitive edge in this digital era.

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