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Our Custom Software Development Services

GBrit has the technical skills, engineering experience, and senior talent to build a reliable, high-quality product that’s aligned with your vision and business goals. Our dynamic team of skilled developers, architects and project managers coupled with industry driven experience provides a solid foundation to develop a agile custom software solutions with consistently high quality results and dedicated QA practices 

Web Development

Web Development

Utilize the resuable components and deliver component-driven architecture using Recat.js,Angular, Vue.js. GBrit is a web application development company that combines the amazing UI designs with required functionalities effortlessly.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

We design and develop custom mobile apps and web applications. Our agile development processes and project teams keep us on track and responsive to your needs and budget.

Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services

Optimize the cost,agility and scalability of your IT ecosystem for highest level of performance. Automate and monitor you IT ecosystem with our cutting edge-Zero-touch infrastructure automation ,continuous integration, and delivery model.

Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

Preventive and proactiove software maintenance and support to future-proof your software products, Identify bugs and potential risks within your solutions, and get a swift. Long-term resolution that gets you covered and running quickly.

Project Management

Ensure quick turnaround & bug-free delivery of products through engineering best practices and agile principles

Software Delivery Approach

DevOps approach to automate, optimize and monitor project delivery pipeline and quality

GBrit Engagement Models

Our team works with three major engagement models depending on the wants and needs of your project:
Fixed Price, Time & Material and Dedicated Team models.


Fixed Price Model

When using the fixed price model, the development process closely follows the time and cost estimates based on the scope of the project, allowing for a clear understanding of the project expectations.


Time & Material Model

The time & material engagement model allows for the projects to be built first, and then the cost is based on the time, labor and resources invested into the project after full completion and acceptance.


Dedicated Team Model

If your organization selects the dedicated team model, several developers at GBrit will work exclusively on your project and the project cost will be based on hourly utilization rates as opposed to one large bill. project after full completion and acceptance.

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