Autonomous, cross-functional teams quickly deliver technology solutions

Our Services Dedicated Teams

GBrit's highly experienced remote delivery teams hit the ground running to help you move your project—and business—forward you where you need to go.

  • A team of cross-functional experts that can start now
  • A team you can trust to work autonomously
  • Extra bandwidth for your critical projects

A team of cross-functional experts that can start now

The success of your project or product depends on your ability to effectively harness the right technologies, tools, and frameworks.

With dedicated development teams, team composition is tailored to your goals and requirements. Teams typically include a PM, software developers, QA engineers, and other roles defined by your project.

A team you can trust to work autonomously

Dedicated development teams work autonomously in pursuit of your goals, communicating status updates as often as you want. Ownership is shared between the client’s product lead and GBrit project lead.

Our dedicated teams work in sprints, and are a perfect solution for anyone looking to burn down their backlog while staying flexible should project needs change.

Extra bandwidth for your critical projects

Your in-house team can’t take on more work, and you can’t let the backlog pile up. GBrit’s dedicated teams integrate seamlessly with your existing teams, working remotely from one of our five delivery offices.

Your GBrit team will be 100% dedicated to your project and business goals, indistinguishable from in-house staff. In the words of our clients: “The GBrit team acts like they’re invested and part of our team and they are—we really consider them to be part of the team.”

Why Dedicated Development Team

Embrace not the just the tech-talent and knowledge but also avail a unique perspective on your complicated projects either innovative approach, accessible resources at an affordable cost. GBrit empowers businesses with dedicated software development teams and services.

Speak to an IT Staffing Expert

Are You Looking to Add Expert IT Resources to Help Deliver Your Projects Smoothly?

IT Staff Augmentation Services from GBrit can provide critical skill sets for your business or IT objectives, filling gaps in your current team and providing staffing solutions that will help ensure your technology initiatives keep pace with your business needs.


You can:

✔  Access certified IT professionals including Project Managers, Architects, Systems/Business Analysts, Software Developers, Infrastructure Specialists, and more

✔ Gain critical skill sets for your IT operations

✔  Benefit from project-specific delivery expertise

✔  Support your IT operations